Relax With Chinese Painting – Grapes and Bees

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The Chinese Freehand painting enjoys a unique popularity in the world thanks to its expressive brush works and free flow of emotions. This is a painting style that allows us to be free from the rules of the physical world and create our own – a truly free space. In the learning of the Freehand painting, we become observant, we begin to intuitively capture the essence of an object and express it. The minimalistic lines also contain life philosophy.

Our course will focus on the following aspects:

  1. The painting of grapes, a very popular subject in the Asian brush painting, and the techniques are transferable to many other fruits.
  2. Moreover, you will learn to paint the leaves and then the vines, which will allow you to generate complete paintings with the grapes. The vine painting is quite an important subject in the Chinese freehand painting world, which opens doors to many plants with similar features.
  3. Additionally, you will learn to paint a fun little add-on to lots of paintings, the bees. These useful little creatures surely brighten up the paintings!

The materials required in this course will be regular, including the various sized brushes, ink, several colors, and the rice paper.

Overall, you will find yourself with 3 complete pieces of paintings by the end of the course, and you will be equipped with the ability to create many more. Naturally you will need more than 2 hours to practice in order to paint well, and starting right here is a great option.


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