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In a Chinese Calligraphy workshop, Beijing

Meet Fiona Sheng, a virtuoso of the Oriental arts, whose journey began in China and has since taken her talents to Belgium. From the tender age of five, Fiona has immersed herself in the intricate world of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, a dedication that has earned her hundreds of awards both nationally and internationally. Her exceptional artwork has captivated audiences worldwide, with selections displayed in prestigious exhibitions across the globe.

Fiona’s passion extends beyond the canvas; she is deeply committed to sharing the rich tapestry of her cultural heritage with a global audience. Fluent in both English and Chinese, and soon adding French to her repertoire, Fiona seeks to bridge cultures and connect people through the universal language of art. Join her as she continues to explore and celebrate the beauty of the Oriental arts, bringing ancient traditions to the modern world.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching, once on the platform, standing in front of a class, I feel empowered, as if swimming in my element, and I can passionately interact with the class for hours.

Fiona Sheng

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