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Freehand Painting

The Freehand painting enjoys a unique popularity in the world thanks to its expressive brush works and free flow of emotions. It allows us to be free from the rules of the physical world and create our own. In the practice of the Freehand painting, we become observant, we begin to intuitively capture the essence of an object and express it. The minimalistic lines also contain life philosophy.

Gongbi Painting

An ancient painting style that has lived for over 2,000 years. This is also a much more refined painting style, much slower, with a lot more details. It feels that time stands still during the hours of slow pace, our heart rates slow down, our mind focuses, a truly mindful experience. The practice of Gongbi painting nurtures us, cultivates our souls.

Cursive Style

Chinese Calligraphy

The art of writing, calligraphy, has many formed in the world. In essence, they are all mainly about how to write something beautifully. However, the Chinese calligraphy has a philosophical aspect to it as well. It is no longer “writing”, the lines created, the Qi used, and the attention required is more comparable to martial arts practice – an alliance of the body and the mind.

Cultural Experience

The oriental culture is the main axe that connects the various art forms. In our courses, the culture as well as the philosophy will be discussed, in order for you to have the most original oriental experience. Besides, many of these culture aspects are essential in leading a mindful life!

Art Supplies

Carefully selected art supplies, sourced from their birth places!


Absolutely! Chinese writing is very similar to drawings in its construction. The teacher will explain the composition of each character and the process is just like putting together a fun puzzle with high satisfaction level once completed. So do not be worried!

Honestly yes and no. If you know the character composition, it may save you time in the practice, but it all comes down to the artistic presentation of the characters, putting everybody on the same level – including the Chinese people. 

Material purchasing can be a trouble maker. Take buying a paint brush for example, there are tens even hundreds of products to choose from, the prices range from a few euros to hundreds of euros without knowing the quality. To save you the time and trouble, we have an online store that offers free shipping to many European countries. The products are carefully chosen and compared, to guarantee a high price-quality.  

Yes. The course materials are detailed, and are distributed after the courses take place, you can download the PDFs easily.  

The live courses will not be distributed because of privacy concerns. They may be recorded for quality improvement purposes. 

Not really. For calligraphy, all the poems, idioms and articles are chosen differently in order to bring you a better cultural experience. Characters may be repeated in certain poetry, or in the beginning stage of a script, for the purpose of practicing. For the painting we have so many great options to paint, there is no need for overlaps!

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