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Enjoy both being at home and actual class-engagement. Fixed weekly class schedule, look forward to our next rendezvous! Selective recorded courses also available on Udemy.

Home Decor

Original paintings, design items such as shower curtains, bags, art pillows, and canvas art print (wall art) for a zen home! 

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Art Supplies

Discover a new possibility with oriental painting supplies! You may be new at exploring your inner artistic self, or you are already establish in the Western paintings, the oriental brush art can provide fantastic relaxation either way!

Art Live Stream

Follow our Twitch | Youtube | Facebook channel and watch the creation of our paintings live 3-4 times a week! We discuss arts, culture, business, health, life… It is a channel of relaxation and cultivation. 

Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday and/or Sunday – 8:30 GMT+2

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Mindful Brush Paintings

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Great Art

Traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting are deeply intertwined, yet each is a unique form of poetry, mentality and philosophy.
Benefit from 30 years of experience!

Best Relaxation

In practising and relaxing with these traditional arts, our minds are slowly transformed, our breathing gradually regulated, and the noise from the outside world disappears.

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