From Ink to Inner Peace.

Welcome to our world of Oriental art, where you can explore the timeless beauty of Chinese calligraphy and painting through our courses and discover unique cultural products that bring the essence of the East into your life.

What We Do

As an Oriental Art Studio, we strive to provide you with the most authentic art experiences. We specialise in the creation of original art items and art education.

Art Creation

Designed and painted with great love and care, our traditional oriental artworks aspire to bring you and your life Zen and Happiness.

Art Education

Our art courses are created to bring you quality artistic experience. Enjoy the comfort of your home while learning about a whole new world!

Art Products

Decorate your home with beautifully hand crafted items that remind you of love and peace - there are home decor and personal accessories!

We Help Connect With Your Inner Peace

Meet Our Team

Even though our Studio is small, it is quite international! Besides our Belgian side, we also have a Shanghai team that process orders that come from there!

Dr. G

Area of Expertise

We take the creation process seriously. With decades of experiences, we are confident that there will always be something suitable for you!

We also try to stay ahead of trend without deviating from the norm, producing practical yet elegant things that can brighten up your day!

The foundation of our artworks is a solid cultural understanding, namely the oriental culture. We came from it, and we are proud of it. The wisdom embedded inside is applicable to so many aspects of our modern lives!

We value the spirit of  craftsmanship and therefore we take such spirits seriously and employ it in as many aspects of our work as possible!

Handmade with Great Love

Most of the products we have are handmade. From the initial creation conception to the design and realisation, each step underwent great consideration. It is our intention to offer you the best possible products!    

Customise to Your Need

We also understand that you want your very own designs for your daily lives or for your home. Therefore, we are all ears – you tell us your desires, and we will do our best to realising them! 

How We Work

The traditional Chinese Brush Art are gems of the human heritage. It is also an art form that transcends the language barriers and culture. Here, we offer you a space of peace and quiet, where we can enjoy the creation and the relaxation together!

It is our goal to create quality artwork and courses. We consider quality control the highest priority in our works, and we devote a great amount of resources making sure of it. Each product undergoes detailed inspection before being packed and shipped. We also do not employ drop shipping services. 

We have two home bases, one in China and one in Belgium. All our original paintings are shipped from Belgium, and the rest of our products may be shipped from either place, depending on the most convenient and efficient solution. We work with trusted logistics companies such as UPS or EMS, and each order will have a tracking number shared with you. Please refer to the Shipping & Tax policy for details.

When there is international sending involved, we do our best to take care of the import tax directly. In EU we comply with the OSS requirement, which means you will never have to worry about taking the time to submit import tax. However, for certain countries, you may have to go through the trouble of the tax submission. Please refer to our Shipping & Tax policy for details.

Depending on from which home base (China or Belgium) your product is shipped, and the nature of your order, your package may take between 3 and 28 days. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have specific questions regarding the estimated delivery time, and we will answer you within a few hours, weekends included. Please refer to our Shipping & Tax policy for more details. 

We do not accept return or refund for any customised products, clothing/jewellery items, or original artworks. For the other products in case of actual quality issue, please contact us directly, and we will definitely find a suitable solution for you asap. For more details, please refer to our Return & Refund policy.

Our Partners

Great Art

Traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting are deeply intertwined, yet each is a unique form of poetry, mentality and philosophy.
Benefit from 30 years of experience!

Best Relaxation

In practising and relaxing with these traditional arts, our minds are slowly transformed, our breathing gradually regulated, and the noise from the outside world disappears.

Free Shipping

Our products enjoy International Free Shipment (With minimum order total requirement)! We have upgraded all shipments to Express services for your convenience!

Secure Payments

Secure and simple online payments, allowing you to simply place the order and receive a nice package at home - leave the rest to us!

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