Relax With Chinese Painting – Summer Landscape

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The landscape painting in Chinese is mountain – water painting, and the love of the mountain and water occupies the heart and soul of the Chinese scholars for generations. The painters admire the magnificent mountains and all mighty waters, they create poetry for such eternity, while admitting the insignificance of the human existence. It was in the painting of the mountains and waters that the Chinese ancient philosophy began to develop, as the thinkers explored the secrets of the universe.

Many of the great landscape painters were great poets, granting the paintings a touch of Zen sensation. Often in these paintings, you are accompanied by the trees, the faraway mountains, the steaming clouds, the river and waterfalls, in this overwhelming noise, we find the absolute silence, and we start to listen with our hearts. In appreciating these paintings, we become one with the world when we walk into this world of such beauty.

In our crush course of the Chinese landscape painting, I will take you to find the poetry your heart desires. It may be a fictional place, but it is a happy place. One man, one boat, not a worry in the world, only beauty and tranquility.

Come find me in this happy place, I will be waiting for you!


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