Relax With Chinese Painting – Landscape Tree Painting

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The tree painting is an important component of the oriental landscape painting. When looking at the artworks of the landscape painting, it is clear that trees are crucial, regardless of the size of these artworks. Some say that the tees are the outfits of the mountains, and the first step of a decent landscape painting is the tree painting. It is possible to consider trees the soul of the landscape painting, and therefore in order to paint the landscapes well, we must first grasp the tree painting.

Course Structure

This course contains essential information about tree painting using ink and rice paper, within the family of freehand landscape painting, and it is divided into 3 sections. We begin with an overview of tree painting, and then move on to a detailed study of 12 selected species of trees. Finally we will discuss how to put trees in a group, and how to paint these groups that feature far away trees. Throughout the course you will be able to see many painting demonstrations, along with lots of useful tips.


Ink, small brush, (raw) rice paper

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

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