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Ink Stone


Size: 4” / 5” / 6”

Patterns: Plain / Magpie & Plum Blossoms / Crane & Pine Trees / Dragons


These ink stones are called Duan Yan (端砚), leader of the most famous four ink stones. Our selections came from the mine that started to be extracted in the Song Dynasty over 1000 years ago. The following are all medium level choices. These ink stones are knowns for their high ability to extract ink from the ink sticks and their high quality performance over time. There are many cheap options on the market, but we highly recommend to use decent ink stones!

According to the size and pattern there are the following options, and all options have a wooden box with a cover:

  • Size: 4” / 5” / 6”
  • Patterns: Plain / Magpie & Plum Blossoms / Crane & Pine Trees / Dragons

To be used together with ink sticks.


  • New ink stones are waxed, please remove the wax before first use. Generally you can remove it by soaking the ink stone in 70°C water, the wax should melt
  • Always clean with soft materials
  • Do not use low quality ink sticks on it
  • Wash after each use (recommended)
  • Do not leave half-used ink sticks on its surface until dry
  • Feel free to handle it, it will be glazed and shine over time
  • Leave to dry naturally, do not wipe with tissue paper or similar that leaves fiber
  • For long time storage please apply wax

*Please take good care of your ink stone, if you find it too much work, the sincere advice is to switch to liquid ink.


4'', 5'', 6''


Plain, Magpie & Plum Blossom, Crane & Pine, Dragons


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