Calligraphy Manual, Cursive Script


  • Semi-Cursive: 兰亭序; Cursive: A collection of poems
  • Publisher: 北京工艺美术出版社
  • Size: about 20cm x 30cm / 8”x12”

There is a distinction between the fully cursive and semi-cursive scripts. The semi-cursive scripts has a stronger tie with the regular script, while the cursive script is more personal. There are also the most useful but the hardest scripts to master, although we are lucky that there are wonderful masters to learn from. For the semi-cursive script we have selected Wang Xi Zhi (王羲之), the OG of the Chinese calligraphy. The writing comes from his most famous calligraphy, named 兰亭序, an article about a happy gathering; As for the cursive script, there are several amazing masters, here we only picked out Zhang Xu (张旭) for you to learn from.

🍀 Details

  • Semi-Cursive: 兰亭序 by 王羲之; Cursive: A collection of poems by 张旭
  • Publisher: 北京工艺美术出版社
  • Size: about 20cm x 30cm / 8”x12”

🧐 Attention 

This book is fully written in Chinese, although the majority of the content is composed of calligraphy characters. The side notes contain the print texts of the same characters.


王羲之, 张旭


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