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Course Overview

Welcome to the course that is all about the Oriental Dragon! In this course we will explore the most essential aspects surrounding the entire concept of dragon, loong, so if you are a fan, definitely do not miss it!

In the Chinese culture, dragon, long, is a magical creature that in itself has become a special culture. They are powerful, auspicious creatures, which can bring prosperity and happiness. Long is an integral aspect of the Chinese culture and is an essential symbol of the civilisation.

Course Objective

  • We will first learn about its magical creation, via the mysterious stories about its origin
  • We will learn about the history and significance of dragon in terms of culture
  • We will learn about how to paint a dragon using the oriental freehand brush painting method. Along with the dragon we will also practice the painting of clouds. 
  • This is not all, we will also learn the origin and learn to write the character, loong, in Chinese, in all 5 major scripts, so that you will be able to choose one of these characters to sign your painting.
  • To complete the painting, we will also discuss the use of seals and finalize the painting by adding seals to it.

At the end of this course you will be able to tell some cool stories about oriental dragons, you will be able to paint a dragon with clouds, and you will be able to sign the painting using one of the calligraphy scripts! Even if you do not have seals yet, you will at least learn about them and be able to add seals to your painting when you have them made! How do you like this full package of loong culture? 

Can’t wait, well, let’s start by looking at what you will need for this course.


  • Oriental painting brushes 
  • Ink
  • Raw or Half raw rice paper 
  • Chinese painting colors
  • Other materials

Look forward to seeing you in class!

Enjoy the journey my friends!

🧐 Please remember to CREATE AN ACCOUNT at the checkout, so that you can access the course via “My Account”

Course Instructor

Fiona Sheng

Looking to develop your skills in Ink Art? You have come to the right place! I am Fiona, a traditional Chinese artist (living in Europe), trained in the arts of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting since the age of 5. I’d love to share my knowledge and heritage with you, discuss the culture, and help find your inner peace through art.

This is going to be a journey that you will love!

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