Live Course, Oriental Brush Art, Bird Painting 2022


✔️Beginner to Intermediate levels
✔️12 weekly lectures x 2 hours, Zoom meetings
✔️Time: 16:00 -18:00 (GMT+2, Brussels)
✔️Small group: 2-4 people
✔️Focus on painting various birds in the oriental brush art (Chinese painting / Sumie) style


In this course we focus purely on painting birds in the Chinese painting or Sumie painting style. Flowers and birds are one of the most common yet important aspects of the oriental brush art world, as the name “flower-bird” painting could be used directly to refer to the oriental brush painting. In the world of flower bird painting however, birds will be the more difficult and more crucial part. In the learning of the bird painting, we will also touch upon several flowers so that you will have complete artworks!

👉 Key Features

✔️This is a course suitable for brush art enthusiasts, beginner to intermediate levels are welcome. In the course you may receive personalised advice and receive exercise accordingly. (Absolute beginners are advised to take a few hours of basic practice before joining – contact us directly)
✔️We start off on the basic birds, you will learn about their body structure before using brushes to paint them directly. We then move on to much more elaborate bird species, adding various colours too
✔️The first few lectures of this course will be more focused on the “big” freehand painting (very generalised style with large and few brush stokes), we will then continue to “small” freehand painting (more details, slower with more strokes) to add more details to the paintings; All in the freehand painting style
✔️Small group: 2-4 people only, you will receive the full attention from the instructor while having some peers who love art as well!
✔️We will focus on 1 major type of bird in a lecture, so by the end of the course you normally will learn about 12 -15 types, allowing you to be exposed to various features, so that you can paint almost any other bird in the future on your own
✔️Birds: we will learn to paint baby chicken, baby duck, hen, rooster, sparrow, swallow, kingfisher, budgie, parrot, magpie, crow, flycatcher, golden pheasant, crane, eagle etc. species of bird, the exact kind per lecture will be flexibly adapted depending on the progress and preference

👉 Course Structure

✔️12 weekly lectures x 2 hours
✔️Time: 16:00 -18:00 (GMT+2, Brussels)
✔️Course date see picture, we can adjust them together
✔️Zoom meetings, you need a webcam / phone cam, so that you can share your work progress
✔️We will launch the course once we have 2 participants
✔️You will receive assistance with the zoom meeting setup, the camera setup and material list upon registration

👉 Material Requirement

✔️Raw rice paper
✔️Several painting brushes (small to large)
✔️Ink (bottle or liquid)
✔️Colour, better Chinese painting colour
✔️Other (felt, water, plate, etc.)


InkDifferent Studio

Relaxing Brush Art | Unique & Zen Home Decor
Start Date

Jun 1 (Wed), Jun 5 (Sun), Sep 7 (Wed), Sep 4 (Sun)


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